Covid-19 Updates

What I'm doing to ensure the safety of my clients 


My office will be temporarily closed due to travel quarantine. Hopefully, I will be open in the next couple of weeks.

You can see updates on my Facebook page or contact me at or call me at 518-378-6311.

Thank you for the love and support you have all given me during this time. 
Wendy Russell

Changes To The Procedures:

Due to State Regulations pertaining to COVID-19 some changes  have been put into place:
*I will be sending you an updated Health Intake Form that needs to be filled out prior to your appointment. You may be asked other COVID-19 questions when arriving to your appointment and signing a form to be put on file for the state.
*Office is now APPOINTMENT ONLY including for retail.
*Please wait in your car if another appointment is in session, I will text you or come out to your car to advise you to come in.
*Only One client at a time in the office unless an adult is required with a minor or a dual appointment. *Mask or Face covering must be worn when entering the office. We will discuss your situation for the massage. No mask needed when in prone position.
*Temperature MUST be taken by Infrared Temperature Thermometer. Information will be recorded per NYS.
*Hands must be washed and sanitized prior to your session If you have any of the following prior to your appointment, please reschedule: Fever, Cough, Chills, Shortness of Breath or you have been in contact with someone that has COVID-19. No penalty against you if you reschedule due to these symptoms.
(This will be updated on a regular basis)

What I'm Doing For You

*I will be wearing a mask and face shield for you during your session
*A protection shield has been placed on top of the table and face rest
*Sheets and comforters and blankets will be replaced with each client (sheets were replaced prior and comforters and blankets were replaced every day). *Fabric chairs have been replaced with vinyl covered chairs with arm rests *Surface areas will be disinfected between clients, so please be patient if I'm still cleaning.
*Adding an Air Filtration System (on back order at the moment)
*Sanitizing station has been set up on front counter
*I have put a metal standing shelf over the sink to have cleansers and sanitizer off of the sink surface.
*Bathroom will be cleaned at least once a day 
*I'm wearing an apron now for all appointments.
*I have installed vinyl shower curtains over most of the curtains that surround the massage area.
*I will provide face masks to anyone that needs one during their session.        *I CAN NOT GIVE YOU ANY WATER OR FOOD ITEMS DURING YOUR APPOINTMENT, SO BRING YOUR OWN PER NYS.
I will be tested for COVID-19 on an ongoing basis.
(This will be updated on a regular basis)